services & classes 


Accepting Commissions for:

Traditional Painting

Digital Painting/logo/collage

Creative Photography



Full video production

The Creative Space
The Creative Space is a mobile art cart brought to your location.
It is ready with easels, canvases, paper, paints, markers and more. 


Face & Body painting for all events.


video Editing

Basic Video-editing: 

A. Beginner 

B. intermediate

The Sound Flow

This class focuses on video editing involving music. 

We will go through a concept, music, beat and see where cuts are made. 

This study is specially for individuals or small self initiating groups, preferred in person.

Media required:

Any device with a video editing app.

2-3hrs $100

Acrylic Painting

The Abstract Expression

A self portrait of the inner selves. 

To “know thyself is the beginning of wisdom”, hence in this guided class I will look into my thoughts, emotions, feelings, habits and circumstances while guiding you into yours.

Items provided:




Glass for water

Items required:

Notebook and pencil, drop cloth, paint cloth, brushes, easel.

2-4hours $150